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Bio Arist and Designer and Green Entrepreneur.  I design and build green buildings. I have a large store of reclamation that I draw from to use for my builds and designs for furniture and lighting.  My inspiration comes from building tree houses and camps as a child and spending many hours climbing trees and playing on the enormous adventure playgrounds of South London in the 70's.  I paint, draw and write with my paintings and collages being made from discarded artwork and rubbish waste from my design work. 

In planning are two giant sculptures that will be visable from space.  They will be living and will create their own eco-systems. They will provide a beautiful addition to the land and sea scapes of our country and will be available for all to enjoy.

I run a Multi-Facilities Art Building that I have spent 13 years rebuilding and refurbishing from 99% waste materials. It has rooms for Fine Artists, Sculptors, Musicians, Designers, Start-ups and Craft Makers. On site Emporium and Showrooms and Pop-Up Market coming soon. Dinning facilities, Gallery and events spaces in construction now. 

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