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For 15 years, ALIBL perfected the technique of fusing through the glass sculptures. Following the success of his last works, he takes the inititiative in November 2011 to showcase one of his last work, "Le Printemps", exhibited at the International Exhibition of Cultural Heritage Paris. This work of a new kind is what the artist calls a "backlighted sculpture painting." Through a very particular scenography, the combination of glass and gold or silver leaf merge to give life to the light. The artist reinvents the sculpture which becomes a real experience. ALIBL's works invite the viewer to playfulness, he can touch, to confront the material, capture forms. He can also reinvent his eyes: changing position, it is all the light that transforms the work into another meeting space. These sculptures paintings are largely tables advocating the beauty of flowers and nature in general, ALIBL's fascination for this generator life. His works call to travel. Glass with subtly iridescent and shimmering colors invite the viewer into a magical decor and living in a whirlwind and poetic color world. Looking at a work of ALIBL, it awakens the senses, and we question ourselves, we are fully immersed in his work as a fairy illumination ...

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