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Abd A. Masoud



Born 1963 in Amman, Jordan, Living since 1984 in Vienna, Austria


2008 started running my Rearte Gallery as a non-profit, private initiative in order to provide opportunities for known and unknown artists to present themselves in an exclusive and representative atmosphere. Since then, the Gallery has dedicated itself to supporting young emerging artists, but also to connect artists from different countries and assist them in showing their work in group exhibitions with other artists from the region (Austria).


Arabic calligraphy with a difference describes best what I am trying to show in my work. My goal is to reshape the Arabic script, to combine it with ornaments and symbols, to create an artistic work without figurative painting. I am trying to make the Arabic calligraphy or the Arabic signs understandable and acceptable for Arabic and a non Arabic viewer.


In order to make the calligraphic element more attractive for the "non-Arabic speaking viewer", I am deliberately avoiding the traditional main criteria of calligraphy (white background and black letters). Instead I am using Arabic translation of quotations, poems and astrological texts. I do not renounce the gold colour which is used traditionally in Arabic calligraphy for decorating and embellishing. But I use the gold very discreet to decorate the surfaces of certain objects and give them a special breath.


Old manuscripts with new interpretation best describe my new work series. I get inspiration and new ideas from reading and viewing old Arabic manuscripts and maps. Without getting restricted to the traditional calligraphy rolls I am feeling free to re-design and re-interpret these ancient scriptures and convert my thoughts to the final result on the canvas.


I am feeling proud producing a unique harmony with my work through combining all these elements such as colours, textures, patterns, symbolism and the various writings styles which are best presented through my inspiring motto - Arabic calligraphy with a difference.

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