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Abi Burrows



Contemporary sculptor living and working in Liverpool, UK. 


If interested, feel free to contact me for futher information or to contact me regarding any opportunities to showcase my artwork.

My work draws from the understandings and articulations of how I / we feel in society and alone. I am interested in the idea of challenging the stability of identity, using dualisms, hidden narratives and juxtapositions to explore the frictions and relationships between the familiar and unfamiliar. As a result of this, ambiguity and resistance occur, both deconstructing and reconstructing new and deeper meanings or interpretations of what is represented.

The choice of material and the various ways of manipulating the associations that we have with them plays an important role within my practice. I am currently interested in the male and female references that certain materials have and wanting to further explore the dialogue between hard and soft, masculinity and femininity (such as fabric and steel), and to discover what is produced when they are used in conjunction with each other. 

I am also interested in exploring the authoritative voice that speaks to you – whether that voice is of past history, the cultural voice or the tormentor within, and the ability for thought (particularly negative thought patterns) to distort and control ones life. I am interested in the network behind the voice in relation to the Other - attempting to dismantle the notions of the concrete individual, to explore its surface and structure, and to construct varying methods and dialogues, specifically between interior and exterior, mind and body, truth and error.

My sculptures explore the relationship between two opposing sides that are in a constant state of rupture and repair. I try to convey a sense of both vulnerability and weakness, strength and authority within them – a form that is not quite confident or completed, not yet free or whole – a form that has been repeatedly wounded and mended and a cycle of being the inflictor, victim, sufferer and healer has been generated.

My work draws from the writings of Melanie Klein’s Object Relations theory and Reparation, specifically the connection between mother and child and the need for the child to repair the object that has been damaged; Simone de Beauvoir’s writings on the woman as a process of becoming; Julia Kristeva and Jacques Derrida’s writings on the dividing line and the separation from the maternal body; and the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle as a way of disengaging the mind from the body – the control of something which can be much stronger or greater than you are.

I am interested in the relationship between self and other, mind and body, and mother and child as both tormentor and healer. The process of making the sculptures comes from the attempt to materialise what it feels like to be fragile, restricted, wounded and torn apart and to explore the anguish and distress that comes from these emotions, as well as the compulsive need to mend the wounds in order to become whole or “fixed”, and the psychological need to make amends with who you are and what you are becoming. 

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