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Adam A


A woman artist with an intriguingly incongrous, attention-getting name, the Italian Painter known as Adam A appears at first glance to be a stylistic relative of both the Cobra group and A.R.Penck, given the seemingly intuitive neo-primitive energy of her iconography. Looked at from a more homegrown angle, the work on view on Adam A's website http://www.antologyartadama.blogspot.it

Adam A is an Italian Artist painter (1963).


She lives and works in Milan, Legnano.

Published in Art Fairs International Edition 2010 NY Arts Magazine-Tips&Picks and in Gallery&Studio Magazine NY.

Presented in Red Dot Art Fair Miami 2010 – ArtExpo NY 2012 – Portfolio Artist in Artisan Direct Ltd NY,  Artist in Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa Venezia e PortFolio ViaFarini Milan.

Adam A is the Expressionist.

This artist has an abrasive language and yet at the same time a her elegance, taking different cultural themes.

In artwork “HEART/2004” the artist represents an organy-machine and in “WORLD/2004" a body-world.

Adam A recalls the internationally historic avantguard,and adds a new visual simulacre: the verb, a seductive language.

Yet the more of her work one sees, the more one realises that artist is a true original who holds no allegiances to any particular school or tendency, having evolved her own distinctly international answer.







Adam A's Works

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