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adam berry



Emerging artist based in the North of England.

MA Fine Art Sheffield Hallam University 2012

BA Hons Fine Art University of Lleeds 2001

website: www.adamberryfineartpainting.co.uk

facebook: Adam Berry Fine Art Painting or personal 'fun page' is adam.berry.718

linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/adam-berry/17/923/791

twitter: @AdamBerry73

Modern painting, more painterly than abstract. As much about paint as it is about landscape, no, 'one' particular 'style' as such, although definately 'held together' by some kind of 'personal handwriting', there is a different response to each individual subject, motif, 'land-form' or complex 'space' of contemporary landscape.

'Within' the art-works I am interested in lifting out from 'Within' a subject, qualities which may not have been first apparant. Deep time, history or legend can be important to a place, past times and events, partially visible, sometimes veiled from our everyday perceptions. The aim is sometimes to lift from 'Within', build upon these particular fascinations, and to concentrate down the essence of the experience. The 'genus loci'. A locations distinctive atmosphere, or 'spirit of place'. In this manner perhaps the work could be seen as 'trad contemporary'. Sometimes referencing 'modernist idioms', re-visiting old ground. Small, medium and large scale 'semi-abstract' paintings, drawings, prints and hybrid form 'sculpture-paintings' are fabricated within the current studio, part of an old 1940's Art College 'Church View' next to Doncasters St Georges Minster. Although most recently the majority of the paintings have been made on-site 'within' landscape. Travelling light, working on small wooden panels in oils, or in sketchbooks with water based mixed-media. High relief, the picture frames are sometimes important to the work, where-ever possible fabricated from on-site, selected found objects; fallen gate-posts, window frames and old hardwood banisters. Marketed, or 'branded' as 'Within', within the recessed panels are sites of landscape, journeys, and the places in-betwixt, and in-between - relating to an interest in liminality, the limen, or threshold, and the idea of the picture frame as a kind of portal into another time, place or situation.

Exhibits at the present are with galleries in Doncaster, Sheffield, London, Cornwall and next year in 2015 as part of a group show in Paris. Looking for better opportunities and wider, more dedicated representation and group show exhibitions with both new and established galleries, especially in London. Its a bit more happening than Doncaster.

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