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Adam Hogarth



I am an artist currently living in London. I graduated from the Fine Art Printmaking department at the Royal College of Art in 2013. Since leaving I have been selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries and have shown work at the ICA, Spike Island, Tate Britain, Rheged Centre (Penrith), The Dock Museum, William Morris Gallery and Arts Depot.

My work has theoretical links to the Auto-Destruction Art movement and its relationship to language. I believe that language is in a constant state of flux, destroying and reinventing itself over periods of time and I look to forms of dialect and ideoglossia (languages spoken by small groups) to inform my practice.

An ongoing body of work examines the impact online communication is having upon language. With words like ‘Twerk’, ‘Derp’ and ‘Selfie’ making entries for the 2013 Oxford English Dictionary it is clear that ‘Textspeak’ has moved beyond the confinement of a computer screen. Using William Morris’s philosophy of retaining traditional crafts values, I argue that the condensing of language through abbreviation (LOL, ROFL, etc), portmanteau (emoticon, frugly, bromance, etc) and numeronyms (gr8, b4, etc) are having a destructive effect upon written language, reducing the potential for expression.

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