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Adrian Pritchard


Born in Garstang, Lancashire in 1973 Adrian Pritchard first started exhibiting in Cornwall where studied at Falmouth College of Arts. It was in Cornwall Adrian developed a language for natural organic elements in his work. Later he incorporated Japanese aesthetics and was awarded a travel bursary to Japan in 1997. There he lived and studied on the plateau of a Volcano Asama Yama and discovered the local influences of Japanese Crafts. Lacquers and textile designs.  Importantly Adrian was introduced to the post war contemporary concepts of "Gutai" and "Mono ha" and their influences effecting him were far beyond that of  western abstract expressionism. For the “Gutai” which translates as “Concrete” pushed the emphasis onto the action itself as the true nature of art; the final construction means nothing as everything is in state of flux. And so the performance of process was born in the presentation of the kinetic.

In 2001 while doing his MA at the Slade School of art Adrian’s work developed more methodically exploring  entropic and symmetrical qualities in paint.

His work appears in numerous collections in London and Tokyo including the One Aldwych and the British Embassy.

" I make work that attempts to redefine our relationship with matter by using gravity, the very force that universally dictates form. By working with the tensions between friction and fluidity, the dynamic and the static, the imposed geometry of the support/venue and the inherent viscosity of commercial substances, I explore the on-going visual aesthetic. Just as a research scientist sets up the parameters of an experiment, I set up the ground upon which the interaction of self-regarding man and nature can take place, and the resulting work moves from matter to metaphor.” Adrian Pritchard



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