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Aimilia Palogiannidou


The main interest of Aimilia Palo’s practice concerns space, architecture and city structure in close relation to the human element. In her works she flirts with sculpture and three dimensions however, she considers painting as being behind every visual expression. Her influences essentially came from Constructivism, the art of De Stijl, the school of Bauhaus and Situ. She emphasizes the elements of construction, materiality and geometrical drawing. The shapes are architecturally structured and the industrial materials dominate every piece of work.

There is a natural development in her paintings. Starting with the traditional medium of oil on canvas the form itself led her to the use of different materials. She was led to the creation of constructional paintings where objects and constructions come out from the painting surface.

In her most resent work the element of sound is used as a material of the work. For her, sound and music are capable of connecting man with his primitive nature and she looks for the aesthetic result when sound and visual arts enter into a simultaneous activity.

Her research concerns the articulation of space through sound and object, the interpretation of sound through the body, generating a relationship between body and space through sound. Her questions examine the influence of the space of the city street on the psychology and emotions of people, the experience of moving inside a space and its interaction with objects.

Using walking as her main practice, she explores the city space beyond its formal view. She perceives the sounds as elements that can offer the experience of transition to several ambiences. A sound journey. This technique of rapid passage through varied ambiences involves playful-constructive behavior and aims the gathering of experimental data.


Aimilia Palo was born in Athens, Greece, 1981

She lives and works in London.

2010-2011: MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London.

2003-2009: BA Painting at the Athens School of Fine Art.

2006: Six-month Video Art & Sound Course at Willem De Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands, for the Erasmus programme.

Group Exhibitions

2011: MA Fine Art 2011 Final Degree Show, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London.

2011: From Charing to Kings, Agnes B store, London.

2011: Interim Show, Bargehouse Gallery, Oxo Tower, London.

2011: A.S.F.A. Graduates 2009 Show, Exhibition space, Athens School of Fine Art.

2010: 10+1, eleven young visual artists comment on the cinema of Greece of the 80s, Michalis Cacoyiannis Foundation, Athens.

2010: Art and Science, Man and Machine, Elaiourgeion, Factory of Art, Chania, Crete.

2010: The Vitrina Project, group public art project, Open Show Studio, Athens.

2009: 14 Young Artists Go To Cinema, a small tribute to the film director M. Cacoyiannis, Michalis Cacoyiannis Foundation.

2009: 15th annual event of Cheapart, TAF Gallery The Art Foundation, Athens.

2009: WHY CINEMA NOW, 50th Film Festival of Thessaloniki, National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation.

2005: The Fairy-tale group show, The Book Arcade, Athens.

Scholarships and Awards

2011: Chadwell Award 2011 shortlisted.

2010: 12-month scholarship by IKY (Foundation of State Scholarships, Athens) for the MA Fine Art course in London.

2007: Six-month scholarship by K.E.T.E. Foundation (Centre of Research in Arts and Science) for the research on the work and the publications of sculptor Takis: A written analysis on the book of the ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus and the civilization of ancient Egypt.

Experiencing Urbanism Through Sound

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