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Alberto Brusamolino



A fascination with male figure, Christian imagery, sacred subjects and older art, especially devotional painting of the Renaissance has often haunted the work of Alberto Brusamolino as he uses a variety of different approaches to the subjects in an effort to confront our experience with them and our relationship to them. Like many other artists, Brusamolino has felt the need to study the art of the past. Masterpieces from the past not only suggest technical skills; they also offer a wide range of allegories and symbols for translating personal feelings into works. More recently, Brusamolino’s experimentations with the cut up technique and the utilization of source material from magazines together with his own photographs, brought him closer to an exploration of the figurative representations of the human body. Using contemporary sources from magazines, photographs and art revue, Brusamolino manipulates meanings and shifts contexts through layering and juxtaposition.

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