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Ales Kunes



WORK Until 1989 (apart from documentary-oriented cycles) he held only two independent exhibitions, both together with Jan Hudeček (born 1995), a photographer, who tragically died in 1989: Fotografie: Divadlo v Nerudovce, Prague (1981) and Diarchie: Melantrich Gallery, Prague (1988). He also carried out several projects with photographs in the Prague´s borough of Karlín and in Mníšek pod Brdy. From spring 1989 he has worked on a "Campaign" for the northern bridgehead of the Barikádníků bridge in Prague. The entire project was delayed due to the murder of Jan Hudeček and also due to the events connected to the fall of the communist regime. The project was reinstated in November 1990, when the author covered a huge area of the industrial architecture surface with his photomurals. Subsequently there is a number of similar performances, taking place in the public space such are streets, parking lots, empty factory halls, subways. His exhibitions took place on the suburbs, in second-hand shops, harbors and other places around the entire Europe (France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Scandinavia).

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