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Alessandro Iacopelli


"Art of the insect and insect in the art"


Alessandro Iacopelli was born in Rome, Italy, in 1982. In March 2009 he graduated maxima cum laude in Set Decoration at Rome’s Accademia delle Belle Arti. His artistic style combines and synthesizes some fundamental and significant elements from his life as well as his formative process: His love for entomology (the science that studies insects), for macro-photography and for the art of sculpture. Indeed, his works reflect the artist’s perceptions of a micro-cosmos as observed through a macro lens and reproduced by using materials that are in contrast yet akin to one-another to deliver the expected result. Bodies that resemble insect-like exoskeletons, smooth and polished, to express fineness and elegance while at the same time warning of their dangerousness as light is cut by shiny stinging metal plates.

He has participated to some academic exhibitions  and:

-Perugia, in 2005: ALEPH, Animalia Metalla Terra Nata.

-Rome, in 2008, to Arte nella Natura e la Natura nell’Arte (Art in Nature and Nature in Art), in Villa Torlonia.

-Bracciano (RM) January 2010 to the DDANG Festival of Arts and, simultaneously, at

-Rome the Premio Bruno Buozzi, sponsored by Rome’s UIL in collaboration with MEGA ART.

-Paris 4-5-6- june  2010 ART SHOPPING FAIR   - CARROUSEL DU LOUVRE Louvre museum

-Lisciano Niccone 12-13 june 2010 (PG) Festa della Creazione


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