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Alex Orlov



"It is manifest that behind the so-called curtain which is supposed to conceal the inner world, there is nothing to be seen unless we go behind it ourselves, as much in order that we may see, as that there may be something behind there which can be seen". -Hegel Painting now redefines itself in accordance with the new perspective and expanded its dimensions and widened the spectrum of technical and compositional possibilities in order to absorb space as a primordial configurative element and make perception itself a motive, instead of regarding it as a mere vehicle of aesthetic sensibility. Painting is always a construct of things planned, and unforeseen. The paintings that capture interest are the ones that you could not have imagined, envisioned before you began them, but was able to maintain a consistent attention to it in the process of painting, development. Clarity and sense, if any, comes afterwards.

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