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Alfonsus agusta



alfonsus riza agusta aka alfonsus agusta is an artist that has impressionism technique that called mediefonte

ALFONSUS RIZA AGUSTA, is young painter who born in Malang, east java, Indonesia…..on August 3,1987. he is  the old one from two brothers. a young impressionist artist painter. most his artwork influence by several artist like oscar claude monnet, rennoir, piere cezanne,paul gauguin, george seurat, rembrandt and vincent willem van gogh. his several artwork mostly in sketch and oil painting on canvas.
his artwork object taken from what he see and what he feel about life surround him…much of them in landscape, still life painting a peasant usual daily life, as the impressionist mostly he painting in outdoor to catch the light and shades. his artwork likely want to share you about several memoirs about life and deepest perspective about life surround him, and bring more inspiration to give you new ways of life

for him color is way when you express your special feel and he has an opinion about shape, which is attractive movement between brush and mind so if it combine in one way it will give a beautiful dance on the layer of canvas.

at the present he has to show up his painting technique called “MEDIEFONTE”,  that influence by several artist, his MEDIEFONTE mostly influence by Monnet, Seurat, rembrandt and especially Van gogh.

Alfonsus agusta is a young impressionist artist, alfon has a pinting styles he calls “Mediefonte”, mediefonte come from combination words between latin languages Medie=> means “Centre” and English languages “Font” means printed words with same kind and size, and the last count alphabet E means “Balance”. The philosophy of MediEfonte itself means, a simple and usual life. Everybody should found it’s centre of life to make it perfect.

Human is social creature, they can’t life alone they need and depend on other, when a human feel lonely, that will always come MISERY, SORROW and DESPAIR. These 3 elements become a basic key of “MEDIEFONTE” form and shape beside the 2 other elements. But basically human always have an inner strength that will change it fate and destiny of life it called “DREAMS” when he find it’s painting technique “MEDIEFONTE”, actually there is no centre on it’s move, it just contains of single stroke grasp just like lonely dash of misery, sorrow and despair, but by the time it comes “DREAM” in a centre of painful. The powerful energy on earth he said. Dream become the other part of element in “MEDIEFONTE”.

Dream is the main key in the centre of all painful that can make human survive, it can give so much motivation that can change the impossible things become possible to do. It can moves a big mountain easily, It can dry up the ocean, even it can make dessert become a tropical rain forest. Alfonsus Riza Agusta (alfonsus agusta) has study and  influenced several impressionist artists such as Oscar claude monnet, rennoir, Cezanne, George Seurat, paul Gauguin and Vincent van gogh, also the golden age dutch artist, Rembrandt van Der Rijk. But from all impression artist Vincent willem van Gogh give so much basic move on “MEDIEFONTE”.

MEDIEFONTE is a new transformation of Vincent strokes, Van Gogh strokes are short dashes brush. alfon’s strokes are more deep,sharp and showing fast and strong grasp with center dot and showing a gesture. Medifonte is a one big united that can’t separate one to each other, every part is connected and make it complete to fulfill every weakness in every element. Mediefonte is a one kind of vincent van gogh’s brush strokes but it use complexity and form that linked with 5 elements of life it create such as; Metal,Wood,Land, Fire and Water and those are represent Misery, Sorrow and despair of loneliness, the powerful energy source of Dream, also the balance of life to control it. “Mediefonte is a new transform and new shape of vincent’s stroke, it combine of point, gesture, deep stroke and fast dash of curve line”. the last Philosophy of “Mediefonte” is BALANCE, the last word “E” have a deep meaning, it means that in life everybody should have a balance to control their own life, because it can help not to slipped out of the divine line path of life. when we talk about Mediefonte we can describe as fonts of human’s life interpretation through painful loneliness, but behind all of them contains powerful energy source of dream and it will aimed by balance of life.

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