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Amber Scarlett



Artist + Theatre Designer

English Portuguese artist based in London, currently studying Theatre Design at Wimbledon School of Art, University of the Arts London

It's difficult to specify what I actually 'do.' I'm a here-and-there artist, a want-to-do-a-bit-of-everything artist. Why limit yourself when there are so many creative opportunities? 

For the time being I am drawn to texture as an emotional and subconscious outlet, translated by layers and marks. The re-working of layers, painting, sanding and painting is therapeutic and transports me some place else. I seem to prefer abstract and spontaneous work. If I were to attempt to reproduce an image in my head, it would frustrate me not to be able to replicate it in reality, whereas I can find the patience to bring life to a concept that has not been predetermined. Instead, it develops through trial and error and path taking, metaphorical of the many routes a person can turn down in pursuit of another whether by accident or by design. Layers and layers of trying and redoing, of time spent to produce an outcome. The canvases appear the way they are through decision after decision of which technique or colour may look best, there are an infinite number of outcomes to how the piece could have turned out, all depending on my mood and frame of thought at those specific work times. It is a practise of trusting instinct, of what feels right and not settling for less.

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