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Amédine Bello




I am currently doing life modeling sessions all over London as a model. I am dedicated to the International School of Corporeal Mime, I really enjoy doing life modeling, especially in for life drawing and life painting classes as my studies in mime are based on a live, energetic body and a corporeal training. I have done life modeling in few skills:

– Sculpture, painting, life drawing (Academy of Arts Brussels; Central Foundation Boys School; The Working Mens College; self-employed painter Paul Absil; tutors Darren Marshall, Jane Trevail, Tony Picanco, Benjamin Senior)

– Photo-sessions (Michel Lauwers, Robert W.Mason and Peter Alan)

"Amédine was on time and well prepared for her audition. She took direction well and was able to extemporise on posing themes. Her background and training as a mime artist proved particularly valuable and enables her to hold long poses. She is very interested in what artists are trying to achieve and is well able to make an appropriate collaborative contribution." Peter Alan (RAM approved auditioner).

I am available most of evenings from 4pm, unless I already have a booked life modeling session. And also Saturdays and Sundays at anytime (day & evening). I've also got a lot of props as costumes, lace ombrella and a cello, that might give some ideas to model with.

Amédine Bello RAM n°2606 (Full member)

075 80 634219


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