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Anastasia Russa



As an artist,  I consider representations and images, and I am exploring the Lost Paradise myth with its all beauty, violence and liberation.  I blend our new icons of mass-produced toys, computer-game heroes and social net symbols with the meta-narratives seen in both the Old-Testament and Classical Mythology that have formed the basis of European civilization. 



The Gods and Heroes of classical mythology have mutated and are now embodied in the virtual-reality of computer games.  These have become the new fetishes of mass culture and have assumed their new  "flesh" in the plastic of commercial toys.  


Using the mental collage technique, I arrange these several images on  unpopulated universes (empty stages, organized without a contrived ‘horizon,’ but as a real world, although without atmosphere) that is created from pure chaos.  I use mono-printing technique to create these "universes", which have a potential escape-route within themselves, a kind of singular place on the canvas. 



If that specific passage-way were missing, the resulting chaos would evaporate into the merely decorative – a sort of ‘cosmic baroque braiding.’ When it is possible to find a way out of this immobile substance, there seems to be the promise of a breakthrough to another space and another sky, which may be the delusional trap of escapism.

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