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Anatoliy Sivkov



Art is Technology Sivkov Anatoly Education artist - technologist scene and the second word in this phrase is no less important than the first. Art - this technology "- said Merab Mamardashvili, and because the invention of its own technology work for canvas, cardboard, paper, creativity is a constant feature of Anatolia Sivkova. And technology, in turn, determines the handwriting of the artist, the need draw quickly, without pre-dictated partitioning spontaneity randomness (very much appreciate an artist) the final result. If an artist is not surprised or even confused his creation, then the audience is indifferent. Topics taken different: genre work, the St. Petersburg landscape, conditional composition with neuslovnym "human factor ", the combination of both in one operation. But always there graphic framework, conflicted with the color, texture, and in this conflict Dramatic unity is born. Surface of the canvas, cardboard is intrinsic value - the work must be expressive with the terms and telescope and microscope. The artist does not change, change the expressive funds, that is, technology, and therefore it is hoped that work Sivkova Anatolia is developing exponentially, remain adequate unchanged. Cyril Meret - Cultural

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