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Andrea Artz



I like to explore the physical and psychological relationships of “Mensch” and his environment. My inspiration comes from urban life in the big cities, my former job as a photographer, being a film geek, a reader of awfully long novels and admirer of old Master paintings.

For my inquiry I collect a wide array of imagery and materials (photographs, billboards, postcards, musical notes, books etc.) which are then transformed by cutting, tearing, pasting and digital reproduction. The resulting works are multidisciplinary and cover drawing, mixed media, collage, animation and photography

Over the last couple of years drawing has become my primary final medium. I use it as a tool to transform existing imagery and give new meaning to it. During the process I like to test the limits of the media and experiment with unusual material combinations. The final works are derived from an interaction between the particular qualities of the materials and the supporting surfaces.

With my works I try to understand and make sense of what is happening to us in relation to the ever-changing environment that we create for us.



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