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Andrea Cotton



My main areas of interest lie within the processes of doodling and the necessity of counting. My work is presented using many different approaches and it is necessarily laborious as I find that paying great attention to detail is an important part of my expression. Everything I create is accurate even when taken out of context.   

Recent work has been based on the translation of the extreme monotony and ennui of prison life (witnessed as a teacher within an institution) into pieces of artwork that raise questions and demand a new look at what exactly goes on in such places.  Utilising the obsessive traits of my art in drawing and pencil strokes I produce the apparently inane labels and instructions which are actually taken from existing material in the institution. I offer a completely personal interpretation of prison life, the only reference being myself. Everything and everyone is constantly being counted; obsession becomes a form of control and survival is everything. Rather than being voyeuristic, my work becomes instead a manifestation of the scenes I witness daily.

Overall my work is about obsession, particularly when born out of boredom or institutionalisation, and the processes in which such circumstances arise.



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