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Andrew Goring




The Scottish Academy of Painting and Drawing was formed as in 1826. During the 1830s it achieved 'Royal' status, thus renaming it the Royal Scottish Academy (RSA). It has been based in the galleries on the Mound in Edinburgh since 1855. In 1910, a Royal Charter renamed the former Royal Institution building on The Mound as the Royal Scottish Academy and the RSA has used this building for office and gallery space ever since. The Royal Scottish Academy has a proud tradition of promoting excellence in contemporary art in Scotland and the exhibiting spaces in the RSA Building are widely considered to be some of the best in Europe. Led by eminent artists and architects it supports the creation, understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts through exhibitions, artist opportunities and related educational talks and events. Re-establishing itself as a leading organisation for the visual arts in Scotland, it has successfully garnered a reputation for the strength of its engaging and diverse exhibitions and the fantastic opportunities it offers both established and emerging artists. As an independent body of Artists and Architects, the Royal Scottish Academy can claim to be Scotland’s oldest artists’ collective. It has a long and distinguished history but continues to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances while remaining true to its core activities – electing new Members, exhibiting new work and supporting new Scottish artists and architects.

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