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Andrzej Farfulowski




I've never had any art education because I was afraid that I can loose more than gain. For the same reasons I have never prematurely shown any of my art to audience other than my friends. Too early doesn't mean that too late..just when I was ready to take any criticism either negative or positive.. whichever might have serious negative impact on my self development.

I've never had any idea, concept or plan for my work. Everything I was doing came to me 'naturally'. From early childhood I was painting mainly portraits...using mediums which were

available to me at a time. The first spray paint I ever bought was to paint furniturein my room. I found this medium very interesting and from that moment on it completely dominated all my work. The attitude towards my art is the same as the attitude towards my whole life. To explain myself as a person I can use the 'language' of my art and reversible I can explain my art using the 'language' of my life..Both dimensions are ruled by the same mechanisms based on facing the same problems, the same weaknesses, the same needs, the same fears, the same conflicts, the same desires..the same will to by my own studies learning about myself, trying to trust myself, to live more consciously and without fear..to find a peace, calmness and agreement among contradictory elements in me..to find a balance between extremes in opposition to each other..to find a sense, strength and beauty..I don't know where I go and where I end up.. Whatever it is going to be I just want it to be true..Recently I started painting portraits of homeless people. Sadness, tiredness, pain and loneliness which in my opinion are very visible in faces of people from so called social margin are something what I feel, what I understand, what I consider beautiful, what I'm looking for in my models and what I'm finally trying to show in my paintings.. 

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