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Andy Goldsworthy


Andy Goldsworthy Biography - ArtLyst

Andy Goldsworthy was born in 1956. He studied fine art at Bradford College of Art 1974 to 1975 and at Preston Polytechnic 1975 to 1978 where he received his Bachelor of Arts B.A degree.

Goldsworthy is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist. Residing in Scotland he produces site-specific sculpture and land art situated in natural and urban settings. His art involves the use of natural and found objects, to create both temporary and permanent exhibitions.

Goldsworthy regards all his creations as transient,or ephemeral. He photographically documents each piece and once perfected this becomes the physical manifestation of the Art work which usually reverts back to the environment. His goal is to understand nature by directly participating in it as intimately as he can.

In 1995 he took part in a group show at the British Museum and created sculptures, along with Richard Deacon, Peter Randall-Page and others, in amongst the monumental statuary of the famous Egyptian Hall. In 1995, he designed a set of Royal Mail stamps.

Recent works:
Night Path (2002) and Chalk Stones (2003) in Sussex
Three Cairns (2002) on the East and West coasts
Stone Houses (2004)
Garden of Stones (2003) in Gotham
Passage (2005) in London
Slate Domes (2005) in Washington, DC
An exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Andy Goldsworthy

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