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Angus-Hughes Gallery



Angus-Hughes Gallery opened its doors in 2010 as an artist and curator led project space, headed by director William Angus-Hughes. Exhibitions are by invitation to curators, who are offered series of three exhibitions. Submissions from artists will not be considered. Proposals from curators should be sent by post only and addressed as follows: Curatorial Proposals Angus-Hughes Gallery 26 Lower Clapton Road London, E5 0PD Applicants should present a series of three proposals. Only curated group shows are considered. Solo show proposals will not be considered. Please include images for all the proposed artists. Please bind or staple your proposal, so that it does not arrive as loose sheets. Not all three proposals will necessarily be accepted. Materials sent to the gallery will not be returned. Only successful proposals will be answered. Angus-Hughes maintains a full programme up to twelve months ahead and applications are reviewed on a roughly quarterly basis, so you will not get an immediate offer or response. The gallery does not currently offer internships or work experience. There are no open paid positions. Director William Angus-Hughes Assistant Director Iavor Lubomirov

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