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Ann Bubis



Having had 11 solo and many joint exhibitions in London over the past 20 years, I have developed a good reputation as an artist and a keen eye for understanding my clients’ needs. I have displayed one of my sculptures in the foyer of the V&A and before that I was an animator and won many awards for my work, culminating in 2 golds at the New York Film Festival. I am passionate about my work and when I am preparing for an exhibition I have a trance like obsession about my subject and can work for days on end with little care for sleep or rest, I am in my element. To get back into the real world, I have taught art in secondary schools and colleges and some of my pupils have been extremely successful having repeatedly achieved the best results in the country. My passion and love for the creative image is generously passed onto many generations of students. It’s difficult finding the balance of my own work and working for others and so like a pendulum my life falls into different creative directions. I have now given up teaching in schools, allowing myself to commit to my own indulgences. I am fascinated by nature and am now enamoured by the beauty of plant life. I start a painting with stark realism and thorough observational research, sometimes I have the plant in front of me and other times I use my own photography as my starting point. Some of the images are close-ups that are enlarged tenfold until they become an abstract image of natural form through unusual compositions. I try to create a lyrical beauty within these paintings, a luminosity enhanced by colour. I create an outer image of inward things. Enlarged to five foot images and then to the other extreme; the tiniest of paintings. So for the viewer the image therefore becomes distorted, they would have an experience of nature in detail, colour, pattern and form. I always challenge myself to continue to develop new concepts, experiment with new formats. Colour and composition is the key to my work and however much I learn through my practice they is so much more to discover. I am at my best when I have the two parallel creative adventures running together as they counter act each other. I therefore create another world for myself by also concentrating on three dimensional form. I create vibrant coloured papier mache sculptures using beautiful manmade objects discarded by our society. The sculptures are made using the Mexican papier mache techniques, I have been taught by the Leonaris family. I am interested in creating an interpretation of the natural world juxtaposing and metamorphosing with the manmade objects. Celebrating its beauty, the texture, form and meeting points of different angles that curve in various harmonies of light, shadow and luminous rich colours. Selling my work makes me happy as I am not interested in keeping my work. My work is like a past thought a creative moment that passes. I have already moved on to my next creative moment and totally absorbed into that.

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