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Ann Lloyd



Through my art I aim to share with others the issues and events of our everyday lives, and do so with a thought provoking visual experience.

Incorporating subjects and themes regarding our homes and families, i hope to trigger internal thoughts as well as initiate communal recognition and discussion.  My work may be viewed as sentimental or nostalgic, yet the important factor to me is that people can relate to my art and a meaningful and personal connection is made, be that a positive or negative experience.

I work in various media, led by the idea and finding the most effective way to express it.  Recently, when creating pieces to express the unreliability of memory, the difficulty was in giving a solid form or image to a subject that is not visible but of the mind.

I am fascinated by the idea that everyone viewing art will have their own, personal experience while viewing it, and that their own personality, values, emotions and life experience will impact on what they see and how they see.

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