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Anna Ravliuc



For me, painting is a way to manipulate various colour harmonies and textures to visually engage the audience. By creating a conversation between colour and texture, I illustrate moments that demonstrate the human drama in everyday life. My topic - is my daily life. Rather, my vision of the world through the prism of my own feelings. When I see an injustice, my ballerina cry, when I'm happy - they dance. Harlequin – a face in a mask, skeletons - a satire on politics ...

Through a wide scale of subjects, I masterfully create intense personal moments in a multi-layered way. Oil painting has a unique opportunity to simulate volumetric texture through brushstrokes and glazing, increasing their optical properties. As painting technique, I draw inspiration from classic ‘Italian method’ and the Modernist tradition. Clean, deep colours help me to more accurately and succinctly express my thoughts, they do not disrupt the harmony of the painting, even if contrasting colours are side by side

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