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Anne-marie Creamer


British artist Anne-marie Creamers videos, drawings and paintings have often centred on the existence of artefacts or chance encounters, such as the 200 letters Transylvanian exile Mikes Kelemen wrote to his fictitious aunt in the 18th century, her encounter with a group of dancing Szkey children in Romania, finding wedding rings in a cup of coffee on a train at Paddington station or an old coat in an abandoned apartment in Bohemia, and procuring the small painting that the fictitious Vladimir Slapeta commissioned from painter Andrew Grassie. Hers is a hybrid arts practice centred on taking an exploratory and experimental approach to narrative and storytelling, where chance encounters are combined into reflexive deceptively simple tales. Keenly interested in the possibilities of a transcriptive arts practice, her films and drawings often feature stories nested within other larger stories, forming a larger mise-en-abyme structure connected across mediums and formats, within which her drawings can appear in her films or installations in surprising ways, sometimes featuring as an animated sequence, a still, a spatial device, a found object, or an un-realized film. 


Anne-Marie Creamer,  http://www.amcreamer.net/

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