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Anne Charnock


Anne completed her MA in Fine Art in 2001 (The Manchester School of Art). Her recent practice deals with the difficulty of translating thoughts into words and, in the longer term, has reflected her interest in digital technology. The ongoing “Uncertainty Series” reveals the doubts she experiences during her art-making. These text-works mimic the ‘track changes’ function in word processing programs. These text works often take the form of large installations of vinyl lettering but Anne has also taken this work into paintings and print.


Much of Anne’s practice betrays her previous experience in science and journalism. She notices everyday instances when technology ‘goes wrong’ – when printers malfunction, when data is corrupted. Her recent series of carefully staged, photographic portraits are shot with a malfunctioning digital camera and printed as large-scale, high-quality giclées.


Solo shows include Mid Pennine Gallery (2008), Cornerhouse Projects, Manchester (2006), Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston (2006). Group shows include “Typo – Writing With Style,” Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm (2004), “Atoms in the Family,” International 3, Manchester (2002), “In Exposed Areas,” Kulturbunker, Cologne (2006), “BracketTHIS,”  Liverpool Biennial Independents (2006), “Not At This Address,” Bury Art Gallery (2009), “Paint,” Beldam Gallery, Brunel University (2010), “Universal Shipping Box,” Jardin Luminoso, Buenos Aires and Projektraum Schwarz, Berlin (2010).


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