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Anneli Holmstrom






Apr    2012     SvenskaKulturfund Arts Grant 

Jan    2012     OsterbotttenFubund Arts Grant

Oct    2011     KulturOsterbotten Stipend

Aug    2008     Andrew Grant Bequest Award

Aug    2007     Andrew Grant Bequest Award

July    2007     ECA Annual Degree show Award

Dec    2006     ECA Portraiture Prize

June   2006     ECA Research Grant (Lisbon)

May    2006     Yale University Shortlist 

                      (nominated by eca painting dept for annual scholarship)



Jan-July   2012    Novia KonstSkolan:                        Nykarleby, Finland

Oct-Dec    2011    Atelje Stundars:                             Solf, Finland

March       2011   Atelje Stundars:                              Solf, Finland

Jan           2010   John David Mooney Foundation:     Chicago, USA

June         2009   Audio Arts- Venice Agendas             Venice, Italy

Feb           2009   Cove Park:                               Argyll, Scotland 


Solo Exhibitions

Jun          2012    'In the Field of Others': Villa Sveden, Jakobstad, Finland  

March      2012    'Letters from a Village in Europe': Korsnas Library, Finland

Feb          2012    'Letters from a Village in Europe: Vasa City Library, Finland

Nov          2012    'The Retreat': Stundars, Solf, Finland

Oct          2012    'The Retreat': Vaasa Theatre, Vaasa, Finland

Feb          2011    'The Volcano': LSA, Edinburgh, Scotland

June        2009    'The Pessoa Project': (two person show) The Bear Gallery, London, UK


Group Exhibitions

April        2012     'Planting Out':'The Suburban Pavillion, Fairmilehead, Scotland

June        2011     'Music to my Ears': PolkadotPunks Collective,Glasgow, Scotland

July         2011     'Life Study': Arts Complex Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

May         2011     'Floral Facade': Arts Complex Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

Nov          2010     'Return to Source': Arts Complex Gallery,Edinburgh Scotland

Oct          2010     'Hidden Door': Roxy Art House, Edinburgh, Scotland

Jan          2010     'Annual Members Show': The Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

Jan          2010     'Hidden Door': Roxy Art House, Edinburgh, Scotland

Oct          2009     'Huntly Hairst Festival': NowNow Arts Collective, Huntly, Scotland

July         2009     'The Pessoa Project': (two women show), The Bear Gallery, London UK   

June        2009     'Venice Agendas': Audio Arts, Tate Archives, London/Venice UK/Italy


Works in Private collections

2012        KulturOsterbotten:      'Letters from A village in Europe' (ink and acrylic series)

2009        Tate Archives:             'Anagare' (audio art)

2007        ECA Archive:                'Krunch' (acrylic on paper)

2006        Beggars Bush House:    'Open' (sculpture)

2002        Beggars Bush House:    'When Fire Met water' (mixed media light box) 


Artist Talks                 

May        2012     NordiskaKonstSkolan

Feb        2012     Novia KonstSkolan

May        2009     Edinburgh College of Art



May         2012    HESA in print: Helsinki Arts Magazine

Feb         2012    HESA in print: Helsinki Arts Magazine

April        2011    Tricksikle: UK Arts Magazine

Feb         2011    The Student: Edinburgh Based Culture Paper

March      2007    Youdovoodoo: UK Arts Publication


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