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Anta Germane



I create installations and work in which I set up circumstances for interaction. They often take the form of an object and resemble props that are prepared for our actions. An art object can have functionality that is borrowed from the source and reference a certain kind of way we move through spaces. It forms the base for the artworks interactivity.

I am interested in the way art is approached by audiences and how interaction happens between a viewer and an artwork, therefore I try to invite to participate and engage. Such work has to be easily approachable and playful. It is set up in a way that allows multiple viewpoints and various experiences depending on the way artwork is approached, and uses lights as indicators of someone’s presence. In this way, I try to sway the attention away from the raw art object to the spectators themselves. I am interested in cultivating interaction between the members of the audience during their experience of the work. I question our assumed roles in these circumstances.

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