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Antria Pelekanou



During my internship at the Lloyd Gill Gallery I have gained valuable information about how a gallery is run and got the exciting opportunity to curate my own exhibitions. I have received great publicity in magazines such as A-N, Aesthetica and some local newspapers. This has boosted my confidence to start a project I had in mind for years. A Moving Exhibition. An exhibition which will move from one location to another. I am also a Fine Artist, exhibited work in the UK as well as USA and Europe in the last five years. I am currently studying Fine Art at the University of East London, MASTERS Level. The reason I have chosen to create this event is because I feel that I have to present an opportunity to art graduates that have completely left the art scene since graduating. This is also an exciting opportunity for current art students and professional artists. Another reason I have created this ambitious curatorial project, is because I will like to further my education to PHD level. This experience will enhance my knowledge and expertise in the Curatorial Practices and therefore I can choose the correct path for my future.

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