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Art Galleries Europe London



Established in Mayfair London in 2006 and quickly opening its doors in Paris, the ArtGalleriesEurope’ walls have rapidly become the definitive space where artists seek exposure. At the core of each gallery's vision is the unique blend of representation, promotion and networking. Our artists have consistently garnered extensive attention for their work in the contemporary arena. Established artists who seek a unique service to exhibit beyond the English Channel end their search with us. We are a contemporary art gallery that is able to claim a global community of renowned artists and discerning collectors.

Since its founding, ArtGalleriesEurope has launched a new grassroots approach: the championing of emerging artists. This new endeavor aims to accelerate new artists, and to navigate them not only towards a breakthrough show, but a prolific career. When the Impressionists first came into the scene, they had to show as a group. Their work was exhibited together in the balcony of Theo Van Gogh's gallery, the only gallery who believed in this yet unheard of art movement. The group consisted of Manet, Monet, Sisley and Pissarro.

ArtGalleriesEurope provides creative guidance and consultative services to contemporary artists as we introduce art to people from all over the world, and present it in a way that speaks to the global citizen. Future exhibitions aspire to showcase the talent of well-known clients and to foster that of artists whose names are yet to be discovered. In this environment, the league of established artists succeed, and the new guard of emerging artists flourish.

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