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Badr Ali



American born Saudi Arabian painter. BADR ALI paints on wooden panels creating a series of diptychs that can be contemplated independently or combined. Being heavily influenced by the traditional methods of painting and representational imagery of landscapes of the 14th to early 18th century; The work derives elements from the Renaissance period and the Baroque, using classical painting techniques and translating them into a contemporary language by means of deconstruction and abstraction by unorthodox methods; by use of industrial paints as the source of pigments, eliminating the use of paintbrushes but relying instead on the use of hands, clothes and materials Badr taught himself how to manipulate paint with, all while pledging to follow the rules of traditional paintings in terms of fundementals. The subject matter revolves around provoking the notion of excessiveness and the depiction of crisis by means of melodramatic imagery present within religious representational and illustrative paintings.

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