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Please Love Me  Exhibition London 2009

Here are some highlights from the Banksy exhibition held in Covent Garden London July 2009 see gallery:

The show included several 'architectural' pieces and plenty of his signature characters, the rats in their many guises; as the Paparazzi, welders, rappers, lock-breakers and, of course, graffiti artists. Admission to the exhibition was free, the Banksy catalogue was available to purchase.

Born Robert Banks, c. 1975, in Bristol, England.

As a genre Urban Art is quite accessible to people unfamiliar with the art world. All of the baggage that goes along with 20th century art history, historians and critics fade to irrelevency.This has led to an unprecedented popularity not seen since Andy Warhol and the Pop Art explosion in the 1960's.Much of Banksy's work is injected with irony, a political edge and a sense of humour which evokes an urge to declare it as artistic genius. It  A year ago people were mentioning Banksy in the same sentence as Warhol. I would have to say at this stage only time will be the judge, however in my personal opinion Banksy will hang alongside Warhol and Hirst in the Tate Modern as well as other institutions worldwide.

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