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Belen Velasco



I am a creative, i paint, i sew, i draw and i design

Belen Velasco



The art is discovery of what is around and inside of you; it is the emotion that runs from your being and the exploitation of your body.  Creation; start with the idea, process the evolution of an image, see her form far in the distance as if submerged in water, little definition, lines and colour removed and dried with my physical body and viewed with our eyes just as she was with in my mind. 

The definition or classification of my work is distracting for me; the technique is only the means and not an objective in itself. My approach to art is as when I was a little girl in México, the colours were my world and inspiration like the trees, the movement all the creation of forms that were still not apparent in my head.  Through oils, acrylics, water colour, aerosols and pastels, texture is a big part of my expression and the telling of a story through series.

Inspiration and artistic creation is a mysterious energy, a magic, it exists without limitation. It is a moment that allows me to be alive, a part of life and to feel existence as part of a larger organism. My goal is to share my emotion through strength and colour, to ignite passion and to provoke emotion. To share in the inspiration of those who I come into contact with though my art.



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