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Bella Land



Bella's life and eyes began in France and then the coast of England close to the white cliffs of Dover where Turner had painted many a Sunset.

Themes of consciousnes and equational relationships with existence permeate her work since the beginning as do essential paradoxes, beahvioral psychology, absurdities of all kinds and a deep love and allegience to nature.

Rather than pursuing a traditional art career, Bella has chosen the path of art for art's sake and been exhibited and collected through serendipitiy.  Recognised on an underground level, Bella has been collected by Nicolas Cage, the late Timothy Leary and various art collectors, authors and aristocratics.  Her work is in the permanent collection of Soho House and exhibitions are pending for London and Venice Biennial, Italy 2015.

 "The strength of the gentle and the complexity of simplicity and the place where opposites meet and at times ahihilate - the nuances of negotiation between realms and the points of no return" (Bella Land) are other ideas woven into the work of this multi-faceted artist of multi-faceted background.  

A life-long artist practicing in painting, text and collage, Bella also draws and has expanded into sculpts,video and music as well as spoken word and performance art/installation.  

She is workiing on music with contributions by producer, musician 'Youth' and a solo album of ambient souncscapes is in process.  Her first short film will be submitted to festivals this year.


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