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ben turner



My work is concerned with the study of people and types of people. While my practice is consistently anthropological, it has moved from more literal portraiture and reportage photography to work in other mediums and approaches to the exploration of a subject, with photography becoming simply one tool in the box. Recently I have utilized video, projection, sculpture and installation, and these developments in medium have in turn developed the approaches to my subjects, with my work progressing to explore people through a study of the indirect. People’s objects, possessions, and surroundings are all looked at, documented (some in photography, others in physical collections such as the Hay Wain reproductions, and so on), in an attempt to reveal atypical portraits of people. Like an episode of Through The Keyhole, "Who Would Live In A House Like This?". Sometimes that 'who' is illuminated in a more revealing and perhaps profound way by the things that are discovered in the background beyond the subject's own physical appearance.

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