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Betsy Lundquist


The central inquiry informing my practice relates to how the object or the theoretical object operate in relation to ideas of spiritual transcendence, mystical existence or just simply the experience of being. I am most concerned with how the allegory, symbol, or fetish object functions or fails to function, as a conduit for these states of being. Does the lure of the object as fetish lead to an animistic trap? Does the animistic form become rebellious as an object; either by way of supernatural wrath or by becoming disappointingly inert? I'm curious about how human experience is shaped by the need for containment for that which is transitory; and about how the theoretical object must ultimately, continuously destroy itself in order to exist.


Betsy Jo Lundquist (b. 1979) Colorado
Goldsmiths College, London, MFA 2009
CU Boulder , BFA- Cum Laude 2006

Exhibition Record:

2011, The Woodmill "S.A.G.S.", London
2011,  The Woodmill, "A Melodrama: In Indeterminate Acts", London
2010, The Woodmill, "Heaven Can't Wait" w Blue Curry, London
2010, The Woodmill, "The Devil's Necktie", London
2009, The Hospital Club, London
2009, Goldsmiths MFA Degree Show, London
2009, Area 10, "Group/Grope", London
2008, The Apple Tree, “Gold & Delicious”, London
2006, Sibell Wolle Fine Arts, Boulder, CO
2006, Norlin Library, "The National Agricultural Series", Boulder, CO
2006, CU Art Museum, “Paroxysm” , Boulder, CO    
2006, Dudley Gallery, Boulder, CO

Awards & Grants:
2006, UROP Grant
2006, SURF  Grant

Various Works

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