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Bhawani Bashir Yasir





DETAILED Personal VitaE


KASHMIRI Poet, Playwright, Scholar and





Name:                             Bhawani Bashir Yasir



Date of Birth:                        August  06, 1954

(August Sixth, Nineteen Hundred Fifty Four).


Place of Birth:                       Mirmaidan, Doru-Shahabad, Anantnag (Islamabad),

Kashmir, (J&K) - 192211


Present Address:                   H. No. 41, Lane-1, Gurduwara Street,

Baghaat-Barzulla, Srinagar-Kashmir, 190005 (J&K)

Contact Nos.        +0194-2432290   Telefax: +01942439669

Cell No:                         +9419584875 / +9906703256

E-mail Address: bbyasir@gmail.com



Academic:                          M. A (Kashmiri, from University of Kashmir in 1982-83)

B. Ed (from University of Kashmir in 1981);

Hon’s. Kmri (from University of Kashmir in 1980)

B.A (Govt. Degree College Anantnag-Kashmir in 1976)

N. T. C. (Paintings) from ITI Anantnag (1978)


Professional:                 3 Years P. G. in Dramatics (1984-87) – (N. S. D. New Delhi)

Specialisation in Direction & Designing.

(Distinction Award in Stage-Craft from N.S.D);

                                    Fellowship in Direction (1988-89) – N.S.D, New Delhi.


Special Honour:          Senior Fellowship (2006-08) in Contemporary Theatre of Kashmir.

Awarded by Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India.


Experiences:           1.  15 years teaching experience from 1973-90 --- at Hr. Sec. School level.

(Specially: Teaching of English, Geography & Drawing; having secured Ist. Division in B. Ed. in practice of teaching)


2.  An Artiste, Painter, Kashmiri Poet, Short Story Writer, Playwright and a nationally renowned Stage Director-&-Designer, actively involved in the theatre movement of Kashmir since 1971.


3.  Almost 35 Years of consistent, concerted and substantial efforts for promotion, preservation of Art & Culture of Kashmir as a revolutionary Literature, Art & Cultural Activist, with special professional contribution in the field of the theatre movement of Kashmir, which has made him a nationally renowned Icon of Kashmiri Theatre.

ACHIEVEMENTS:   Joined theatre movement of Kashmir in 1971 and appeared on stage in Govt. Degree College Anantnag, under the Direction of Prof. R.L.Shant in the play-production Manzil-Nika written by M. L. Kemmu.


2.  After Graduation from Govt. Degree College Anantnag, he joined Deptt. of Education in J&K Services as teacher and served for 18 years.


3.   Established: Maraaz Cultural & Art Centre – Shahabad, in his home town Doru-Shahabad, Anantnag–Kashmir in 1977, which was registered under J&K Societies Act in 1979 under registered No. 538-S of 1979.


               By dint of his concerted efforts in the field of theatre, this institution became an ICON for the rural theatre movement in South Kashmir having produced as many as ten plays till he joined NSD in 1984.


4.   In 1987, after passing out from NSD, instead of staying in Delhi or shifting to Bombay to make money, name and fame; he preferred to return to Kashmir and established the first ever theatre repertory in Kashmir by the name of Kallakaar Repertory Circle at Doru-Shahabad under the aegis of Maraaz Cultural & Art Centre Shahabad, Doru-Anantnag and engaged ten actors, who were being paid from his own pocket without receiving any salary grants from any institution.


5.   Participated in the North Zone Theatre Festival of Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi, held at SIMLA in 1988 with the play production of Aka-Nandun, Written & Directed by B. B. Yasir, produced by Kalakaar Repertory, Doru-Shahabad. The Repertory was later closed in 1990 after the uprising of militant insurgency in Kashmir.


6.   In 1989, he founded Ensemble Kashmir Theatre Akademi – EKTA in Srinagar, to rejuvenate the theatre movement of Kashmir on state level, however it could not remain functional from 1990 - 2002 for obvious reasons of militant uprising.


7.   Under the aegis of EKTA, Organised State-level theatre festival by the name of BUDSHAH THEATRE FESTIVAL in 1989 in which 15 selected productions from all-over Kashmir Valley were presented at Tagore Hall, Srinagar on the occasion of the State Theatre Conference.


8.   Organised three-days State-level Theatre Conference, the first of its kind in the history of the theatre movement of Kashmiri, under the aegis of Maraaz Cultural & Art Centre – Shahabad, Doru-Anantnag, in which hundreds of theatre activists from all districts, besides the leading stalwarts of Kashmiri theatre of Kashmir Valley, actively participated.


9.  In 2004, again re-invigorated the Ensemble Kashmir Theatre Akademi – EKTA to rejuvenate the erstwhile dead theatre movement  of Kashmir and re-enforce a new spirit into it by encouraging promising new talent of Kashmir who have faced a great set-back during the 15 years of militancy.


10.            In 2006, under the aegis of the EKTA, established EKTA School of Drama-&-Repertory, in Srinagar the first of its kind in the State, to institutionalize the professional theatre in Kashmir on one hand AND with a primary aim to build the aesthetic, artistic and professional standard of Kashmiri theatre by providing sensible professional training in the field of theatre-arts to the most deprived theatre activists of the Valley, on the other, in particular and thus to make the theatre of Kashmir popular and acceptable in this mentally tormented Vale of Kashmir as well.


11. Having in-depth international study of South Asian and European cultural/ performing arts centres including theatre auditoriums. Opera houses, dance centres and conference halls.


12. Having in-depth scholarly knowledge of Kashmiri Cultural heritage and history including our architecture, performing arts viz-a-viz music, dance, drama and Kashmiri arts and crafts.

MAJOR CONSTRIBUTION: To the Field of Art & Culture of Kashmir:


1.     Main Architect of the proposal of Renovation of the Tagore Hall of Srinagar as the professional theatre consultant. (The Proposal & the Designs enclosed herewith.)


2.     Conceived proposal for the most significant State-of-the-Art Integrated Cultural Complex for J&K Academy of Art, Culture & Languages; as approved and to be constructed by the Govt. announced in the Assembly by the Hon’ble Chief Minister.


3.     Have been participating in the prestigious Festivals of Performing Arts on National Level viz-a-viz The North Zone Theatre Festival of Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi; the Bal-Sangam Folk Festival organized by National School of Drama and Golden Jubilee Folk Festival of National Bal-Bhavan, New Delhi, since 1988.


4.     A visionary architect of the Art & Cultural Movements in Kashmiri since last 40 years and TORCH-BEARER of institutionalizing the theatre movement of Kashmir on professional level by establishing Maraaz Cultural & Art Centre, Shahabad-Doru in 1977; Kalakaar Repertory Circle, Doru-Anantnag (The first Repertory in Kashmir) in 1987; Ensemble Kashmir Theatre Akademi – EKTA in 1988, and EKTA School of Drama-&-Repertory, Srinagar in 2006.


5.     For the First in the history of theatre movement of Kashmir organized Three Days State Level Theatre Conference in which the top stalwarts of Art, Culture and Theatre of Kashmir Participated and in line with the Conference organized Budshah Theatre Festival in which nine selected plays from all over Kashmir were presented.


Theatre Workshops Conducted:


1.                       Conducted extensive theatre workshops in Acting, Designing and Direction and playwright workshops under the auspices of Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, Srinagar. And Maraaz Cultural & Art Centre Shahabad, Doru-Anantnag, Kashmir.


2.       Worked as Faculty Member for NSD theatre workshops conducted in Srinagar by M. K. Raina in 2003,2004,2005,2006.


3.         Conducted a number of theatre workshops under EKTA School of Drama-&-Repertory, Srinagar since 2006 till date from corner to corner in the Valley of Kashmir regarding Theatre-in-Education, Sunday Theatre Club, Theatre for Development of remote backward/border areas, Theatre for Therapy for war-effected children, and traditional/folk children in traditional performing arts.


Theatre Experties:     25 years professional experience in theatre designing that includes theatre architecture as well with an international study of South Asian and European performing arts centres – viz theatre auditoriums, opera houses, dance centres and conference halls.


Plays written: (in Kashmiri)


Amaneth (1979), Lalvun Tuol (1980), Modur Mas (1981), Pagal Kus (1982), Aes-Chha Be-aql (1983), Aes Kas Praraan (1984), Takhleeq (1985 – Award Winner), Katij (1986), Yeli Khuda Motth (1987), Masoom Yateem Lalow .........? (1988), Aka-Nandun (Adaptation of a Kashmir fable) (1988), Par-Daruk (1989), Vothu Lalow Nindray  (1990), Koshur Gareeba Paev Pathar  (2000), Asei-Kiyah Rouve (2001), Lashen Laej Buoli (2002), Sunday Market (2003), Jamhooriyat Zindabaad  (2004), Vethi Rouve Aagur  (2005), Pari Mahal Kis Sayas Tal (2006), Cross Firing, Tru-Kalla  (2007), Valiv Yikvatei Marave (2008), Aes Chhi Saerei Qasoorwar (2009), Shoadei Paether (2010), Mental Case (2011).

            Prior to it having written almost a dozen of many One-Act plays for college and school students theatre activities/clubs, which included Taeleem Chha Baed Daulat, Jahalat, Insaaf, Aehsaas, Tschandav and many other skits.

PLAYS translated:


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