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Black Phoenix



"LAST NIGHT MY MUM TOLD ME ABOUT AN OCCURRANCE IN A RECENT TRIP TO GHANA...." Perception, misconception and identity are just a few topics that Larry Achiampong confronts in his growing practice. Larry’s interest in contemporary British lifestyle and social commentary thereof is often captured from multiple points of view using various media, be it via the perspective of the “protagonist” or “antagonist”. This however, is not dominant of his entire studio practice where endeavors of his altered ego bLacKpH03nix are concerned. The bLacKpH03nix moves in ways in which Larry can/does not, opting for a more visceral edge of blatant expression through sound, text (wordplays and poetry) drawing and performance. Although intentions are unclear, one thing is certain; the bLacKpH03nix is free in spirit. The artist also assumes his name Kofi, a name given to him by Ghanaian tradition in reference to which day of the week one is born. An important inquiry arises in the midst of these alternate personalities; Which personality assumes dominance? Which personality is real? Can one person truly be three entities?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ‘The void is far and wide, consuming while being consumed. Time isn’t relevant because we do not have control over it. But what is done with this “borrowed” time will expose us.’-- Blackphoenix

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