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Brian Farrell


    Brian Farrell was born in Southampton, NY in 1968. In 1986, he went to study Landscape developmentArchitecture at the University Cobleskill, NY and was to complete his degree at the Syracuse University program. Not satisfied with his choice of career, Farrell went on to study Advertising Communications at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  In 2007, Farrell had his first formal art training at The New York Academy of Art where he was trained in traditional figure painting.
Farrell began to seriously paint in 1996. His first show was in New York City in 1997. The pieces were of abstracted, two toned landscapes. They were architectural and explored depth of field with solid color. By 1998 to 2000, Farrell had explored a wide variety of techniques, styles, and materials. Areas of Quantum Physics became his focus of interest. it was during this time he began adding the figure to his work. He used it, with mixed media, to explain theories of wormhole travel, parallel worlds, particle matter light, death, thermodynamics. Music had also become the main driving influence of his work. 
After attending the academy of art in 2007-2009,  the work drastically changed in its technical skill. It was more honed and organized with a more consistent style. He found a new voice dealing with issues of child abuse, divorce, bullying, human rights, politics, protection of children.
The present works are a more humorous and satirical take on issues facing society today. They are mostly derived from song titles and their lyrics. He creates the work from a particular subject matter and uses the song title and lyrics to influence the process of expressing what he wants to say. The style is figurative, but  more caricature in its essence. The work is influenced by artists by the styles of cuban artists: Wilfredo Lam and Alfredo Sosabravo. Other influences for these works: Tim Burton, Dana Schutz, Cecily brown, and Maurice Sendak(illustrator).


Exhibition Record (Museums, Institutions and Awards)

2010, Chelsea Museum

2009, Chelsea Museum

2006, Nueberger Berman Foundation, N.Y

2003, Deutche Bank Collection

2000, Bertlesman BMG National Artists Award

1999, The Henry Buhl/Soho Foundation

Exhibition Record (Galleries and Art Shows)

2011, Gerald Peters Gallery; Santa Fe, NM, Group Exhibition

2011, Zach Feuer Gallery, NY

2010, Chelsea Museum; NYC

2010,  Livestrong show; Smashbox Studios; Los Angeles, CA

2010, Edinburg Fringe Festival; Edinburg, Scotland

2010, Athens Fringe Festival; Athens, Greece

2009, Littlefields; Brooklyn, NY

2009, Mikhail Lombardo Gallery, NYC

2009, Armory Art Week, Juvenal Reis Studios, New York

2008, Open Studios, Juvenal Reis Studios/P.S.1 MOMA, New York

2007, Flowers Gallery, N.Y.C., Group Exhibition

2007, Petra Projects U-Turn, Soho N.Y.C. Group Exhibition

2004, Gale Martin Fine Art, N.Y.C., Group Exhibition

2004, Gale Martin Fine Art, N.Y.C., Group Exhibition

2003, Gallery @49, N.Y.C., Group Exhibition

2003, Gallery @49, N.Y.C., Group Exhibition

2001, Gallery @49, N.Y.C., Group Exhibition

2002, The Children's Museum, N.Y.C., Group Exhibition

1999, Bruce Lewin Gallery, N.Y.C., Group Exhibition

1997, Ozone Gallery, N.Y.C., Group Exhibition

1996, Ozone Gallery, N.Y.C., Group Exhibition


2011, Chelsea Modern, NYC, Solo

2011, Vanessa Noel Gallery, Nantucket, solo exhibition

2009, Blerancourt Franco American Museum, NY Solo

2006, RVS Fine Art, N.Y., Solo Exhibition

2004, Works Gallery, N.Y.C., Solo Exhibition

2003, RVS Fine Art, N.Y., Solo Exhibition

2001, RVS Fine Art, N.Y., Solo Exhibition

2000, RVS Fine Art, N.Y., Solo Exhibition

1999, RVS Fine Art, N.Y., Solo Exhibition

1998, Works Gallery, N.Y.C., Solo Exhibition


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