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Brian Shaw


I am not professionally trained in art yet find myself capable and with no qualms about putting my artwork up against those who are.

You will never find me spouting on endlessly about what my art means - I create using the patterns and colors I find; my art is deliberate and in your face. The generally small size of my pieces ensures that the viewer must bring their eye close to the work to examine all the detail within. I work in collage media - primarily magazines. My subject matter fluctuates with my interests or moods.

I seem to currently defy placement in galleries in my local region as I do not focus on one set subject matter.

My ultimate goals are: to produce artwork for corporate advertising, get my art into a gallery that is accepting of alternative media like collage, and to show my daughter that she can do whatever she puts her mind to.

I am to this point unable to put any other examples of my work in my gallery but feel free to check out this page where all my completed pieces reside and click on the 'gallery' tab near top of the page! - http://yellowdog1.deviantart.com/


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