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Brittany Piccuirro



StolenSpace gallery exhibits a genre of work that has been variously labeled as 'Underground Art', 'Street Art' or 'Urban Art'. None of these terms satisfactorily represent our artists' work and so we prefer not to pigeonhole it. Some of our artists have a background in graffiti and street art, but not exclusively - all however, are influenced by society's prevailing subculture where there are few rules and anything is possible. StolenSpace lets in the life-giving vitality of this environment that has long been overlooked by galleries and museums. SELLING ORIGINAL ARTWORK & PRINTS BY: Arth Daniels, Brad Downey,Charles Krafft, Chloe Early, Chris Levine, D*face, David Bray, Evan Hecox, Gerald Laing, Jeff Soto, Kai & Sunny, Kirsty Whiten, Meryl Donoghue, Miss Van, Mysterious Al, Pete Fowler, ROA, Ronzo, San, Seen, Shepard Fairey, Sylvia Ji, The London Police, Usugrow, Von, Will Barras, Word To Mother We also offer a consulting service to homes, businesses, architects and designers. If you would like to discuss your contemporary art needs, please contact us:info@stolenspace.com

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