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Cankat Kalyoncu



I didn't study any means of art or took any painting lessons when I started. I was a self thought artist. What I had been doing was coming out off me so naturally!


However, my perfectionist character led me to paint with various artists to improve my skills in art, craft and aesthetic in Turkey, Russia and the USA. There is no limit to improve your skills and free your mind. I'll be always open to experiencing and expressing my ideas in my own way. I was at the Repin Institute of Art in St. Petersburg, Russia which is one of the leading art schools. It was a great honor for me to be one of the 20 artists who had an offer to study.


In 2014; I attended International Art Exhibition in Greece as a selected painter held in Patras, attended group exhibition in Istanbul held by Gallery Mor and Marjinart Gallery.


I will be attending various biennial, exhibitions and symposiums in Rome (Romart International Art Biennial), Moldova (International Painting Biennial), Greece, Russia and Turkey in 2015.


Additionally; I've been invited to work as stage designer of two different theatrical plays held in Istanbul; "Sevgili Idam" in 2014, "Method" in 2015. 


In my art; I've been feeling more attracted to the emotions, aesthetics, character and the colors which give me the human figure and the faces. I'm trying to attempt to capture the relationship between them in order to establish a link with the viewer in my soul. The decision for expressing myself, feelings and my passion for the human figure and portraits as an observer found himself on my canvases.

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