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Carlos Ramirez is at the crossroads of several cultures, both Northern and Southern. Born in Santiago in Chile, he arrived at a tender age in Belgium and studied in Brussels at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Watermael-Boitsfort Academy (Paul Gobert). He then went on to do further painting studies with Maio Wassemberg.Spaeking several languages perfectly, he has been immersed in Latin American culture and the two major components of “Belgitude”.He is no stranger to exhibiting, having displayed his work on numerous occasions, individually and collectively, both in Belgium (XIII OXY gallery, Free University of Brussels, Jodoigne Town Hall, etc) and in Canada (Montral, Québec).A number of his mural creations (Etterbeek Hospital, Ixelles) express his desire to also be an urban painter: see his fresco in Etterbeek on the theme of “500 years of resistance of the Americas”.His painting stands mid-way between the figurative and non-figurative, allying bold strokes with soft pastels. Animal figures and representations of the devil co-exist in a dream-like universe where poetic imagination projects the human and the animal that exist side by side without ever confronting one another.

Carlos Ramirez Carrasco was born in Chile in 1967. He studied monumental painting at the RHoK in Etterbeek and painting at the academy of Watermael–Boitsfort.

In essence Carlos is a builder of bridges, an artist who breaks down barriers and a networker. He refers to himself an ‘artist without borders’ and he wants to transcend all the borders: from the Brussels socio-cultural field to the international art milieu, from the painting of a canvas in the quiet of his workshop to the artistic intervention in the busy city. He works with a variety of media including paintings, video-installations and dance.

Carlos Ramirez’s temperament brings together expressionism and a surrealistic dream world, the softness of the colour and the hardness of the image. His work, mid-way between figurative and non-figurative illustrates the devil in a dreamy universe, a poetic confrontation between the human and the animal.

He has taken part in international events such as 'Fou-art-Montreal', 'Gallery La Giraffe-Berlin', 'Zinneke Parade 2000-Brussels' and 'Espace Beaujon-Paris'. He also led 'Projection Calibaní' in the former Veterinary School and since 2006 he and Julie Duquesne form the artists collective 'Team In Time'.  

Carlos painted the tale of the half lion on the perimeter fence around the AfricaMuseum.Terrvuren Belgium.

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