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Carly Truss



Public Relations contact for Rook & Raven gallery in Soho. Situated in the heart of London's creative hub, Soho/Fitzrovia, the gallery can be found at 7-8 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HN. Rook & Raven will continue to enhance the pair's burgeoning reputation as key figures in supporting and championing the finest in dynamic, alternative contemporary artwork. The innovative and passionate beliefs that inform Richard Grindy and Rachelle Lunnon's philosophy underpins everything Rook & Raven does. So expect cutting edge exhibitions and cross-branded events. The Rook & Raven team's alternative and inclusive philosophy is reflected in the venue as well as its exhibitions. The refreshingly personal and innovative service that has seen the team realise their own gallery space shows no sign of slowing down. Rook & Raven is an expansive venue, and, as well as offering an original forum for new art and artists, it is also partly available for hire. The Rook & Raven are keen to continue their offering of cutting edge, alternative events that have seen them flourish amongst the Contemporary Art Scene. With a brilliant traditional gallery space, The Rook & Raven will continue to provide modern, creative and forward looking art.

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