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Caroline Wright



Caroline Wright makes multi disciplinary work that broadly explores human communication. Much of her work looks at the relationship we each have with the outside world and with each other, be this through the senses and/or the body as material. Her practice, which employs performance, drawing and installation, addresses the effect of external influences and experiences on our actions and behaviour and transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. She often works site specifically and in mediums as diverse as glass and gold as well as the human body, for cities and rural spaces, for galleries, theatres, churches and on desolate uninhabited islands, for audiences of 100 and of 1.

In examining structures of power and control, Caroline asks questions of assumed knowledge and by infiltrating (and subverting) assumptions she attempts to change patterns of random and ritualistic behaviour. She explores from the perspective of both observer and participant and is interested in changes that occur when the audience becomes involved in a work and the roles of performer and audience are blurred.



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