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Catherine Hieatt



Catherine Hieatt is an emerging - award winning - video installation artist based in St. Albans and London, UK

Hieatt was recently awarded an MA from Central Saint Martins University of the Arts, London in 2012. Since, Hieatt was the winner of the Hertfordshire Open Exhibition 2012 and won her first major solo show 'Blue Sky' - July - Sept. 2012. 

‘Blue Sky’ is Hieatt’s first major solo exhibition. The artwork explores ‘time’: -

‘for us convinced Physicists,’ said Einstein, ‘the distinction between past, present and future is an illusion, although a persistent one.’[i] 

Hieatt’s artwork depicts what the artist calls ‘ambiences’. These brief ‘durations’ are visual and audio poetry for the digital age. Blue Sky’s split screen video art works are observations of natural phenomena – delicate ephemeral attempts capturing elusive brief durations of time: - reimagining, re-editing ‘time’ without preconception. Blue Sky is a creative reinvestigation into timelines as ‘multiple simultaneous fluxes’ – ‘successions without distinctions’ – non-episodic and non-narrative.


In Einsteinium physics the ‘Block Universe Theory’ is the radical idea of ‘spacetime’ as an unchanging four-dimensional ‘block’: - there is no episodic progression – everything coexists.


These counter intuitive concepts are the inspiration for Hieatt – in an innovative cross-disciplinary exploration in fine art and astrophysics with the internationally recognised Research Institutes at the University of Hertfordshire. This dialectic is about rethinking the ‘continued creation’ that is our familiar experience of ‘time’.


Catherine Hieatt, prior to following a career in fine art, was a regional and national award-winning designer for the theatre: nominated ‘Best Designer of Great Britain’ by BATA in 1997. Since qualifying as a Fine Artist, Hieatt has since won three awards for her video artwork including The Artist’s & Collector’s Award from University of the Arts, London. Hieatt has exhibited in a number of central London Galleries including, Camden, The Oxo Tower and The Palace at Westminstr, London.



[i] cited in Prigogine,Ilya & Stengers, Isabelle (1984), Order Out of Chaos:

Man’s New Dialogue with Nature,  New York, Bantum, p294.

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