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cenk akaltun




After the high school he studied screen printing and graphic design in Istanbul, Turkey. But throughout his academic studies, he was preoccupied with drawing and painting.

He continued his studies at London's Central Saint Martins Art And Design and Camberwell College Of Visual Arts, exploring various mediums and subjects.

 He was particularly fascinated with the idea and the philosophy behind birth and creation in art and religion: Water has been played a serious role since the days of creation. Life itself evolves around the water.

During this evolution, the inescapable was the pollution with in the nature of man, it is both productive and destructive!

Fluid motion, constantly causes all items with in it to shift and change, however same texture becomes one with non a like colors, a living organism…

This living moving organism can exist from the living area, the smallest to the largest cities and metropolitan areas.

With these ideas in mind, he began his "creations" series: 

These creations has been constructed by organic forms which have their own independent, intense life. The whole painting is a spiritual organism that, like every material organism, consist of many individual parts. Like the work of nature. The individual parts have life only by virtue of the whole, and the purpose of their being is to cause a vibration in the soul. Otherwise work of art cannot come into being.





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